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  • Beyond climate protection

    Fair Recycling combines environmental and social issues

    The Swiss Climate Protection Foundation contributes to global climate protection with the fair recycling of CFC-containing refrigerators in emerging countries. Fair Recycling combines climate and resource conservation with social responsibility.

  • Our workers in Brazil

    «Continuously improving my skills»

    «I love my work because it challenges me every day and I am continuously improving my skills. I like working at Indústria Fox because of the dynamic working environment and because every day I face new challenges. I hope I can further develop within the company and that Indústria Fox continues to grow.»

    Valdeci Luis da Silva, Allrounder in our recycling plant



Fair Work

Make your company carbon-neutral

As one of Fair Recycling's Climate Partners, you can purchase climate-protection certificates to offset your unavoidable CO2 emissions, thereby emphasizing your commitment to sustainability.

Become a Climate Partner now

Fair Drive

Do you drive a car? Compensate your CO2 emissions 

With our Climate Pass, you can compensate the CO2 emissions which you emit when you drive. It's your personal contribution towards climate protection. 

Climate Pass

Fair Live

Live carbon-neutral

Compensate all your CO2 emissions with the "Fair Live" climate pass. Many CO2 emissions arise as a result of our everyday activities. You can offset these emissions with Fair Recycling's "Fair Live" climate pass and live carbon neutral.

Climate Pass

  •  Fair Recycling Climate Partners

  •  Fair Recycling Climate Partners

  • Fair Recycling Climate Partners

  • Fair Recycling Climate Partners

  • Fair Recycling Climate Partners

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